Magazine covers

Like to post your photo or picture of a friend on the front page of a popular magazine?

Try this tool, free and easy to use: select the magazine, load the photo and within seconds your custom cover will be ready, with your face on the cover of People , Style, Fame, Vogue, etc. Then you could download or share with Facebook’s friends or send as a postcard.

Effects / Magazines availables:
Each cover is for a magazine with a different theme (see our suggestions for joke and fakes) : bling (jewelry and luxury) , bride (just married) , Hunger ( will be famous ), Family & friends, Hip hop (music) , Model ( Model of the month) and vogue , Moron (idiot of the month) , Motormania (pilot of the month) , Penthouse (sexy person of the month) , People ( celebrities of the month) , and sports Celebrated player ( player of the moment), popular (top of the moment) , riches (like Billionare and Forbes) , teengirl (like “girl of the month”).