Biorhythm Calculator

cycles of biorhythm
By entering your date of birth you can calculate your biorhythm according to lunar cycles and the signs of the zodiac and display the graph.

Explanation biorhythm and online calculation

The biorhythm chart shows you a graphical representation of your energy levels in the selected time period. It is based on the cycles of the moon and the zodiac sign. It shows the cycles emotional, physical, intelligence, spiritual, aesthetic awareness. Knowing your biological cycles you can help pianficare the various activities according to the type of energy you require (for example, take exams in the period in which your intelligence and more ready)

Understanding your biorhythms: the diagram will show your unique biological cycle for the period of days selected . The focal point will represent today. The days are left in the past , the days right represent the biorhythms of the next few days . This explanation and also below the graph that you will be shown.

The blue line represents your physical cycle during the period. It’s an indicator of your level of physical energy. Indicate high levels of energy to deal with the good days of intense rehearsals , competitions or for fertilization. Low energy levels indicate the days of exhaustion, when your body and less reactive .
The red line represents your emotional cycle during the period.
When the line and at the top of your emotionality and at the top, you’re in a positive moment and your interactions with others have more chance of success, you have more desire to stay in the group.
The green line traces the cycle of your mental ability : when and at the top of the graph means that your intellectual skills are ready, receptive , your intelligence is working smoothly.
It’s the perfect time to tackle exams. However, when the green line at the bottom of the chart, your ability intellectual more poor , do more hard to understand and handle situations, and not a good time for exams or decisions that require insight and intelligence .
The purple line track your intuitive force . When the line and close to the top means that the power of your ability of intuition and strong. Are the days when your sixth sense stronger and you can trust us. Conversely, when the purple line and low, you can not capture these situations , and it better to rely on an approach more analytical choices and decisions.
The blue/water line indicates the level of your spiritual sensitivity . When the line color and water at the top of the chart means that you are more open / face to religious themes, to rethink / deepen your faith or what you believe or mystical experiences. Conversely , low levels of the sensitivity of the line means that you are in a phase in which you are bound / a more earthly things than to the mystic or the soul.
The yellow line traces the biorhythm of beauty, creativity and aesthetics. During periods in which the line and top try most attractive and most pleasure from everything and art , and you’re even more creative artistically speaking . Conversely, low levels indicate that you’re not the right time to create and it better to focus on other matters more real or that do not require large doses of creativity.
The orange line indicates the flow of self-awareness. When the line and at the top means that you are times when you’re in tune with yourself / in, and you also have moments of self-discovery , personal growth. Conversely, a low level indicates a period of less tune with themselves.